Signature card

CardsAtArt signature greeting card is a very special greeting card. It is made on a very beautiful paper and presents a unique painting. 
The image that I use for these cards is exclusive and unique (you see just a small fragment here). 
The signature greeting card is not the same each time – I change it a bit depending on the season. A wonderful handmade sticker - it's always inside - is a true decoration of every handmade signature card. 
A signature card is normally included in a set of three greeting cards.

If the occasion is very special, then my limited edition of signature cards is the perfect fit.

This is the way how you can use my CardsAtArt signature greeting cards:

  • Send them to people you care about – just for any occasion.
  • Frame them and use as small paintings.
  • Send them as a small but a very unique gift.
  • Collect them.
Greeting card size: 11,5x17cm
Envelope size: 12x18cm

Interested? Contact me to get more information or to order cards.

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