26 June 2017

Exclusive Birthday Age Specific Greeting Card

Exclusive birthday greeting card – handmade – with a beautiful combination of summer colors. Everyone (she or he) likes colors of summer. It’s CardsAtArt…

19 June 2017

CardsAtArt Exclusive Thank You Cards

Gorgeous Thank you cards – handmade – with a beautiful combination of green and pink colors. These are perfect colors for everyone – everyone likes colors of nature.

07 June 2017

What Makes a Greeting Card Perfect

I like to observe people who are looking for a greeting card in a shop. It’s always interesting to understand how they make their choices. I think there are at least three things that make a greeting card perfect.
What makes CardsAtArt greeting cards look great.

The first thing is…

06 June 2017

Happy Birthday Cards: Make Someone Feel Great Again!

When was it the last time you sent a birthday card to the person you care about?

A month ago? A year ago? Three years ago? What is YOUR answer?