19 September 2017

Autumn 2017 - Signature Greeting Card

I've just finished this wonderful greeting card "Happy birthday" - signature card (autumn 2017). It's a limited edition, guys!

Discover more about my signature cards.

13 September 2017

Gift Tags with a Hidden Bird

Yesterday I published the image of the gift tags for any occasion.

Some more gift tags - mixed media including watercolors, gouache, my own stamps, acrylic ink. 

Do you remember the image of carrots?
Can you find a "carrots gift tag" on this image?

Where is the hidden bird? Can you find it?

12 September 2017

Gift Tags for Any Occasion

I’ve chosen some of my colorful gift tags to give you the idea how they look like.

Does every gift need a tag? It’s up to you, but a gift tag add a very nice a personal touch to the gift you make.

I used very different media for the tags – watercolors, gouache, acrylic ink, and my own stamps.

Please feel free and write a comment below.

05 September 2017

Inspiration in Autumn

Going to the market is always inspiring. Taking pictures of fruit and vegetables helps to create interesting greeting cards, stickers, and masking tapes. I also like making my own stamps... Well, follow my blog and see how inspiration works.