06 December 2018

How to Choose a Perfect Christmas Gift Tag

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas tag, CardsAtArt has what you need…

But how to choose a perfect Christmas gift tag? What color and size should it be?

I would say, RULE number one: you should like it! Yes, it’s you who chooses a gift and it’s you who chooses a matching tag and a greeting card.  

Christmas art market is very competitive but isn’t it great that you have a huge choice?!

For this Christmas season I’ve made very different greeting cards with or without text on the front side of the card. I also made several sets of Christmas GIFT TAGS (with 3 or 5 tags) of different design and size. The sets are packed in transparent cellophane bags.
- Gift tag size: 5 or 6 cm
- Gift tag paper: 250g/m²

Every gift tag is handmade and embellished. I use my only my own paintings and design for my artwork.

Interested? Please contact me and get a PDF version of Christmas gift tags so that you can choose the one(s) you like.

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